Ten Day Seminar

Ten Day Seminar

Ten-day seminar plan

Seminar Part 1

Course notes

We will forward our course notes on selected four short courses to you two weeks in advance of the lectures in order to give students an opportunity to prepare for the seminar. The lectures will consolidate the course material, highlight relevant areas and answer questions raised on a practical level.

Seminar Part 2:

Lectures Day 1 & 2: Contract Law & Corporate Law
Lectures Day 3 & 4: Wills & Estates (with the emphasis on Administration of Estates)
Revision day 5:  Contract & Corporate Law and Wills & Estates
Examination Day 1
Examination Day 2

Seminar Part 3: 

Lectures Day 6 & 7: Civil Litigation
Lectures Day 8 & 9: Debt Collecting
Revision day 10:  Civil Litigation and Debt Collecting
Examination Day 1
Examination Day 2

Seminar Part 4

Results and certificates available

Lectures presented

In-house or by agreement at the South African School of Paralegal Studies (Gauteng/North West).
08h30 – 12h30 + 13h30 – 16h30 with 30 min breaks in-between for each session.
The lectures will cover a basic outline of the material, bearing in mind that the students should study the notes for a more comprehensive knowledge of the material covered.


The course content is the same as the content of the course presented by the South African School of Paralegal Studies to its part-time paralegal students, delivered in seminar-format. Lecturers will be prepared to answer any job-specific queries. Exams are optional.


An examination of 100 marks is written per subject. Students will receive a copy of the last examination paper written.

Seminar Courses Offered

The following four seminar courses are offered:


This course gives a broad overview of the principles of the law of contract. Specific contracts are also discussed. Corporate Law deals with sole proprietorships, partnerships, companies, close corporations and the business trust. The aim of the course is to both enable the students to study the legal principles involved and to identify possible problem areas in their business activities.


A course focusing on legal procedures for recovery of debts, including the drafting of summonses, letters of demand and obtaining judgement. Also looked at are warrants of Execution, Garnishee orders and Emolument Attachment Orders, Section 57, 58 65 proceedings, prescription and forms of security. Provisions of the National Credit Act and its debt enforcement procedures are also dealt with. The aim of the course is to assist any person who is responsible for the collection of debt from individuals, companies or close corporations.


Introduction to Civil Procedures in the courts of South Africa. The course will examine the basic procedures in pre-trial preparation of documents (pleadings) and the use of precedents in litigation. The rules of both the Magistrates’ and High Courts will be studied from the beginning of the process until trial.


Designed for those dealing with the administration of deceased estates or the drafting of wills. The syllabus is comprehensive and designed to deal specifically with problem areas that can occur. Practical tuition on the winding-up of deceased estates and attending to the requirements of the Master of the High Court.


Seminar dates are arranged by mutual agreement


Suitably experienced and qualified practitioners.


The South African School of Paralegal Studies awards certificates on completion of the seminar.

Who should attend these courses?

People already working in an environment where legal knowledge or skills are required.
Secretaries or legal assistants who want to specialize.
* Successful completion of the Civil Litigation and Debt Collecting short courses will be recognized as subjects forming part of our Senior Paralegal or Commercial Law courses.

How can we arrange a seminar?

Contact us at: vzylprokels@lantic.net OR simply phone the South African School of Paralegal Studies (Gauteng/North West) at (018) 786 1872 and indicate that you wish to discuss a seminar proposal and our course coordinator will assist you in meeting your specific needs.

Track record

Our very first (and highly successful) corporate training seminar was done in October 2001 at Stannic in Johannesburg where we trained 15 employees. See the comments by Malini Moodley, Manager: Recoveries Department of Stannic Credit Control & Legal, Johannesburg, on this seminar. Since 2001 we have yearly presented one or more seminars.