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Part-Time Courses

Senior Paralegal Course and Short Courses

Senior Paralegal Course

The Senior Paralegal Course is designed for those who are already working in a legal environment or who wish to be employed by a lawyer, law office of a private business, parastatal organization, central or provincial government department, city council, or any other entity in a capacity or function which involves the performance of substantive specifically delegated legal work. The course will improve their knowledge and understanding of various legal subjects. It will also broaden their scope to other areas of the law than those that they are working in and may be familiar with.

The Senior Paralegal Diploma is awarded to students who fulfill the requirements for six specific short certificate courses. 


Short Courses

The Senior Paralegal Course consists of six subjects, which can also be taken as separate Short Courses. This is to cater for those who are interested in studying one or more specific subjects without having to take the whole course. Such persons need only subscribe for one, two or more short courses, as they require, without having to take all six subjects.

A person who starts with one or more short certificates and later decides to complete the relevant course may do so, provided that the balance of short courses is completed within 36 months after the first short  course commenced.

Short courses are aimed at students who are already working in the legal field and who want to improve their knowledge of specific legal subjects, usually in the field of their current employment. 


Civil Litigation

Introduction to Civil Procedures in the courts of South Africa. The course will examine the basic procedures in pre-trial preparation of documents (pleadings) and the use of precedents in litigation. The rules of both the Magistrates’ and the High Court will be studied from the beginning of the process until trial.

 Property Law & Conveyancing

 This course gives practical examples of conveyancing procedures, and deals with the property registration system in South Africa. Also studied are the duties and functions of the Conveyancer and the Registrar of Deeds; title deeds and the drafting of deeds and documents; registration of mortgage and notarial deeds; sectional title work; deceased estate transactions and land partitions.

 Debt Collecting

This course focuses on legal procedures for the recovery of debts including the drafting of summonses, letters of demand and obtaining judgment. Also looked at are warrants of execution, attachment orders, costs and fees. The aim of the course is to assist any person who is responsible for the collection of debt from individuals, companies or close corporations.

 Wills & Estates

Designed for those who would like to have a first hand knowledge of wills and estates, and those dealing with the drafting of wills and/or the administration of deceased estates. The syllabus is comprehensive and designed to deal specifically with problem areas that may arise. Practical tuition on the winding-up of deceased estates and attending to the requirements of the Master of the High Court.

 Business Law

This course offers an overview on four main subjects of importance in the business world:

  • Law of Contract
  • Corporate Law
  • Labour Law
  • Income Tax Law

Vital matters are dealt with, such as: formalities and requirements for a valid contract; characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of various business enterprises; employer and employee rights; and principles of income tax, to mention just a few.

 Criminal Law

This course provides students with knowledge of South African Criminal Law principles and specific crimes; criminal procedures including the procedure before trial, sentence and review thereof and appeals; prosecution; search and seizure; pre-trial examination; responsibilities; content; admission of guilt; typical mistakes by the accused and how to avoid the same mistakes.


Duration of Courses

The duration of a single short course is one term, i.e. 3 months.

The duration of the Senior Paralegal Course may vary depending on the student’s personal circumstances and commitments elsewhere. The shortest period for the completion of any of the Courses is four terms, i e  twelve (12) months, provided a student is willing to attend more than one school.  However the diploma studies can be spread over a longer period, up to a maximum of 18 (eighteen) months.

Structure of Courses

Two Short courses (subjects) are offered per termCivil Litigation and Debt Collecting are twice for the year the other subjects are only once a year.

Enrolment Courses

Learners may enrol at any time of the year and are therefore able to start at the beginning of any term.

Enrolment for a Course

If a learner elects to complete the diploma studies within a period of four terms (twelve months), he/she must register for all six subjects for the next four terms.

Should a learner wish to spread his/her studies over a longer period, he/she may choose two or even one subject per term. The diploma studies will therefore take longer to complete. The learner’s studies may be spread over 3, 4, 5 up to a maximum of 6 terms (that is 18 months)

However the School reserves the right to postpone –

  1. A learner’s registration for any subject to a subsequent term if a class in any subject is fully booked for a relevant term; or
  2. Any subject to a following term if an insufficient number of entries for a specific short certificate course are received.


Entrance Requirements

Learners must

  1. Either be in possession of a valid senior certificate (matric pass);
  2. Or have at least two to three year’s work experience. All learners must have the ability to read, write and communicate well in English.

Exmination Results

For examination results learners may phone 018 786 1872.

Training Venues

Training in Johannesburg is offered at Brixton Johannesburg. Free and safe parking is available on the campus grounds. The training venue in Pretoria is TLU SA (Transvaal Landbou Unie) 194 James Rylaan / Drive, Silverton, Pretoria and training will be subject to interest and learner numbers.  Training in North West is conducted at 37 South Street, Carletonville.  See the Maps here


Pretoria Night School and North West Night School

All evening courses run for eight weeks on one evening per week from 18h00 to 20h00 with an examination held two weeks after the last lecture. Civil Litigation and Debt Collecting are offered twice a year, all other subjects once a year.  The final examination for each subject will be of 115 minutes duration.

Saturday School

As an alternative to the Pretoria Night School, students may attend in Johannesburg when lectures are presented on Saturday mornings (4 consecutive Saturdays) see time table. Each subject can be chosen separately as a Short Certificate Course.

Corporate Training Seminars

We also offer Corporate Training Seminars to those institutions that would like us to train 10 or more of their employees. This training is usually done on the premises of the employer or at a convenient place of the employer’s choice.


Fees, Timetable

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