Labour Law seminar

Three Day Labour Law Seminar

Seminar Part 1  

Course notes
We will forward our course notes on labour law to you two weeks in advance of the lectures in order to give students an opportunity to prepare for the seminar. The lectures will consolidate the course material, highlight relevant areas and answer queries raised on a practical level.

Seminar Part 2:

Lectures Day 1 – 3
The course content is as outlined in the syllabus below.

Seminar Part 3:

Examinations are two weeks after the seminar lectures.

Seminar Part 4

Results and certificates awarded by the South African Institute of Legal Training on completion of the seminar.

Lectures presented

In-house or by agreement at the South African School of Paralegal Studies (Gauteng/North West).
08h30 – 12h30 + 13h30 – 16h30 with 30 min breaks in-between for each session.


Seminar dates are arranged by mutual agreement


Suitably experienced and qualified practitioners.

Syllabus of the Labour Law seminar

  1. Applicable Legislation
  2. Individual Employment Law
    1. The parties to the employment contract
    2. The duties of the parties i.t.o. a Labour contract
  3. Discipline and Dismissal
    1. The term dismissal
    2. Circumstance in which dismissal is unfair
  4. Categories of Dismissal
    1. Misconduct
    2. Incapacity
    3. Incompatibility
    4. Operational Requirements
  5. Procedural Fairness
    1. Consultation
    2. Severance pay for the dismissed employees
  6. Remedies for unfair dismissal
    1. The court
    2. The arbitrator
    3. Compensation
  7. Dispute Resolution
    1. Operation of CCMA
    2. Arbitration
    3. Mediation
  8. Discrimination and Affirmative Action within the work place
  9. Basic Conditions of Employment
    1. Hours
    2. Leave
    3. Remuneration
  10. Strikes and lock-outs


Who should attend these courses?

People working in an environment where legal knowledge or skills in labour law are required.
Employers, managers or employees, who want a working knowledge of the laws governing the employer-employee relationship.
Legal assistants who want to specialize.

How can we arrange a seminar?

Contact us at: OR simply phone the South African School of Paralegal Studies (Gauteng/North West) at (018) 786-1872 and indicate that you wish to discuss a seminar proposal and our course coordinator will assist you in meeting your specific needs.