Here’s what a number of successful candidates have written about our courses:

Just a short letter to express my sentiments, which come from the heart, regarding the School and the lecturers. I want to thank you very much for presenting such a wonderful course. I truly enjoyed every moment thereof.

It has been wonderful in rounding off my knowledge, particularly in the fields of Income Tax Law and Labour Law. For those entering any legal situation in a work environment, this course is a good springboard to widening their knowledge further, whether it is in Civil Litigation, Debt Collecting, Wills and Estates, Business Law, Conveyancing Practice or Criminal Law.

I found all the lecturers eager and enthusiastic to impart their knowledge and experience to the students. As practitioners in their chosen fields of work, they certainly have much to share (including some very humorous anecdotes). They are all very approachable, even to the point of being reached outside of lectures to answer any questions which students may have.

It is a course of great value! Well done! May you go from strength to strength!”

Wendy Forsyth, Bloch Gross & Associates Inc, Pretoria

“I was pleasantly surprised to find the South African School of Paralegal Studies (Pretoria) an invaluable learning experience. Because I am employed within the Banking Sector, the theoretical side of Civil Litigation, Debt Collecting, Business Law, etc. was exactly what I needed to complement my vast practical experience.My company was impressed with the results and the fact that their investment in my future was of sound value. This course will be included in the funding resources for the first time. A challenging, interactive course for the studious go-getter and highly recommended.”

WENDY HOWARD, Standard Bank, Pretoria

“Paralegal, a new concept for me, and most probably for others as well. A new avenue for employment in South Africa!

The School and its staff, with their helpfulness, and the lecturers with their knowledge and passion for their profession, are a winning combination. They all command one’s respect and admiration.

Classes are presented professionally without being impersonal and one is allowed to participate, which makes it more than worthwhile to attend the entire course.

I thank God for granting me this wonderful opportunity to study at a competent educational institution!”

MINET SCHROEDER, Private student, Hartbeeshoek


Corporate Training Seminars

“I would like to extend our gratitude to the South African School of Paralegal Studies (Pretoria) for the above seminar. The results from the exam have given us clarity on what the development areas are for our staff.

In consideration of the business we are in, this course has provided much clarity, understanding and given our staff more confidence to handle matters. It is seen as a learning curve because most of the staff were not in the legal field, yet they required this knowledge to assist them in their daily work and to provide better customer service.

The feedback from the staff is positive and encouraging. They are looking forward to the next seminar in 2002. Those students who did not pass certain courses are also keen to re-write. This shows great initiative.”

Malini Moodley

Manager: Recoveries Department
Stannic Credit Control & Legal
Braamfontein, Johannesburg