Corporate Training

Corporate Training Seminars


We also offer corporate training seminars to those companies, corporations and institutions that would like us to train 10 or more of their employees.

South Africa is undergoing a process of transition. Rapid changes impact on all spheres of life and in particular on business. New legislation and changes in the composition of the workforce necessitate continuous training for employees who deal directly or indirectly with legal matters.

More and more companies are finding themselves in a situation in which basic legal training as well as updates to existing knowledge become imperative.

The South African Paralegal Academy, in conjunction with the South African School of Paralegal Studies (Gauteng), offers training sessions for staff members on all levels, from senior management to secretaries and clerks. This can be done either at one of our lecture venues in Carletonville, Pretoria and Johannesburg, or at the training facility of the company. Lectures, workshops and/or seminars will be tailor-made to suit specific business needs. This applies to the time-schedule as well.

Corporate Paralegal Training and Seminars

The National Credit Act seminar

The National Credit Act seminar is aimed at giving a practical working knowledge of the Act and its pitfalls. The National Credit Act will impact on virtually all businesses in South Africa. Read more…

The Ten-day seminar

The Ten-day seminar gives an overview on four subjects of importance to corporate clients, namely Contract & Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Debt Collecting and Wills & Estates. It aims to raise the level of competence of personnel who need to effectively communicate with clients and legal advisors or practitioners in a legal or business environment. Read more…

The Insolvency seminar

The Insolvency seminar is aimed at businesses or corporations, who employ staff that deal with insolvent estates. The course will provide students with insight into the legal procedures that apply on insolvency. Read more…

The Labour Law seminar

The Labour Law seminar is of interest to managers or staff of human resource departments. The syllabus is comprehensively dealt with and gives a sound overview of what is a major concern in any South African organization. Read more…

Should we present seminars, these may be tailor made to suit your specific needs in terms of student number, the focus, times or length of the course or other matters of importance to you.


The special training may be accompanied by an examination which is on the same level as the exams for our Commercial Law Course. Students who pass will be awarded a certificate. They also receive full credits enabling them to obtain the Senior Paralegal Course or the Commercial Law Course if they register for the other courses required for these diplomas and  pass the respective exams.

How can we arrange a seminar?

Contact us at:

OR simply phone the South African School of Paralegal Studies (Gauteng) at 018 786 1872 and indicate that you wish to discuss a seminar proposal and our course coordinator will assist you in meeting your specific needs.